I want you to know that you are fully responsible of my sudden and incredibly sweet DEATH.
– Anonymous
Honestly–whoa–I am in love with WR. Damn, this feels like it’s going to be one great, epic story. It seems like it could be an AU of Sherlock or the ACD stories.
– Anonymous
Your comics are a glimpse of sunshine even on a worst day.
– advertisingvictim
Current Project: 
Whatever Remains
Whatever Remains is a Sherlock Holmes pastiche based in 1920s London a la the Noir genre. 
I started WR a year or so ago, lost seventy-plus pages after pacemaker surgery, and restarted from the beginning. If you’d like to see what WR was before, please feel free to read my first draft here.
WRs premise, aside from rehashing the original stories by Conan Doyle, revolves around characters who are typically marginalized in media without drawing undue attention to what’s marginalizing them. Rather, WR isn’t about a transgender Sherlock Holmes, it’s about Sherlock Holmes who happens to be trans in this universe. 
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